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AutoForm was founded in Zurich in 1995. We have fundamentally revolutionized the market with our innovations for fast and reliable validation of design, engineering and manufacturing processes. Today, with over 400 dedicated employees, AutoForm is the world’s leading provider of software for:

  • The validation of product manufacturability
  • The calculation of tooling and material costs
  • Tool design
  • Virtual sheet metal forming
  • The optimization of body-in-white processes

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Learn how AutoForm helps the automotive industry to reduce CO2 emissions.

AutoForm software significantly helps the automotive industry to reduce their CO2 emissions in the car production. There are two areas of savings: 

We help our customers to maximize raw material utilization (by reducing  the scrap rate) through optimization of the manufacturing process parameters and concepts. 

This results in a reduction of steel and aluminum consumption during production process and helps car manufacturers and their material suppliers to reduce CO2 emissions significantly.

Our software also enables lightweight construction of passenger cars by using new materials / different material mixes, by realizing new geometry approaches and by enabling new manufacturing technologies. Building cars that weigh less, has a direct impact on fuel consumption of a car. This in turn leads to less CO2 emissions when driving.

By the way, we are not only active in the automotive industry. AutoForm software is also used to help design medical and electrical equipment and to sustainably optimize processes related to sheet metal forming.

Read more about our contribution to sustainability goals on our corporate website

Since our foundation, we have proven to be a reliable and long-term partner for our customers. With our commitment to providing state-of-the-art software through continuous investment in research and development, we aim to remain your first point of contact in the future. By striving to be the best in everything we do, AutoForm will continue to lead the way in advanced technological solutions and enable you to create competitive advantages.

All major OEMs and the majority of their suppliers have chosen AutoForm as their software of choice.

The company’s headquarters are located in Switzerland. Subsidiaries in Germany, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic, Sweden, the USA, Mexico, Brazil, India, China, Japan and Korea underline AutoForm’s international presence. In 13 other countries, local representatives and sales partners ensure proximity to customers.

An overview of all locations can be found on our corporate Website.

More than 1000 companies in 50 countries rely on our software and services. Help us on our mission to be a great partner for our customers.

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