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Master Thesis: Reconstruction of Bead Profiles from 3D Geometry

AutoForm is a spin-off from ETH some 25 years ago and develops CAD/CAE software. We are the world’s leading provider of software for the sheet metal forming industry. Our software is used by all of the top 20 automotive manufacturers and hundreds of suppliers for process simulation, optimization, tool design, and feasibility studies. We are currently looking for students who want to do their master thesis at a software company.


Drawbeads are used to control the material flow in sheet metal forming. They kind of look like speed bumps and in a way also have a similar function. In simulations they are often modeled as restraining forces along lines as 3D bead simulations would be too expensive. The restraining forces in turn are obtained from 2D simulations of the bead cross sections. The objective of this master thesis is to approximate the 3D beads by constant segments and transition areas made up from 2D profiles.


  • Solid programming skills in C++
  • Good knowledge of OO methodologies and design
  • Experience with scientific computing and geometry modeling
  • Strong enthusiasm for solving technical problems

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